Coin (Hangul: 동전 ) also known as Yeondu Coin (Hangul: 연두동전 ; RRyeondu dongjeon) or School Coin is the only currency in White Day and can be used to buy several things like Soybean Milk or Canned Coffee from Vending Machines.

Further notes

  • Each coin is worth 500 won.
  • Since coins are the only way to buy health items (other than discovering a First Aid Kit), it's wise to keep them in spare and not to get hit too much by ghosts and the Janitor.
  • When a new game is started, the player already has a certain amount of coins on them. The amount of coins is dependant on the difficulty.
  • In the Remake, the coins were replaced.
    (500 won -> School Coin ( In Korea ver.- Yeondu coin [ Only used within the school ] )
  • The coin in the remake has an embossed text that reads "Since 1953" which could be a hint to the establishment of the school or when the school currency was first created. It's also the year when the Korean War ended.