White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Hangul화이트데이: 학교라는 이름의 미궁 ; RRhwaiteudei: hakgyoraneun ireumui migung), also known and commonly abbreviated as "White Day Mobile / Mobile 2D (2009)", is a 2D mobile version of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School that was developed by Ntreev Soft and released in 2009.

There are two versions of White Day for mobile platforms, this version was made by Ntreev Soft and is a 2D Version of the original game. The other one is a complete remake of the original game and not to be confused with this one.


The game follows a similar plot to the original game, however, it also includes its own mobile universe where there are some unique documents featured only and exclusively to this version of the game.


Unlike the original game, this game is fully remade in 2D Sprite graphics with lesser features, elements and plot compared to the original game, players may only work straight in hallways (due to the nature of 2D frames being used to simulate a walking path).

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