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White Day: A Ghost School Tragedy

Actual Title: WhiteDay: a tragedy in the ghost school at 13 night, March.

It is the third stage in the White Day development cycle, and technically the second playable version in the development cycle. So far 3 known builds/versions of this Era have been identified. And only a tech demo leaked.

The existing video trailer of this stage of development; shows various characters such as Ji-hyun (in her Blood Festival attire/model appearance), So-yeong, and other characters talking although mostly motionless poses while talking. Ji-hyun's appearance  and Seong-ah's pose implies this is an early build.

A show tech demo (Dated: ‎August ‎24, ‎2000) was showcased in the british game show, ECTS 2000 in London, it was only given to a select people at the time but was leaked, which was not intended.[1][2] Since It's a tech demo, it has been stripped down that most data relating to later parts of the game are missing. Classes and many other areas are empty. The script is partially in English (the rest is unused and is in Korean) and the English translation is weak, possibly Sonnori translated it themselves for the show. Ji-hyun's data exists but she does not appear in the tech demo.

Only images exist of later builds of this prototype version/era. The differences in this version are quite drastic, though not as drastic as in White Day: Blood Festival or White Day: Ghost School as this version slowly shaped up into the final version we have today. It is generally more identical to the final game in terms of plot and overall data.[citation needed] This version evolved and became known as the final version we know today as White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Ji-yun's model has been altered compared to earlier builds which were using the "Blood Festival" Era model.

포맷변환 16Whiteday-alns-1
Beta Vs Final Version

The trailer for this version begins and ends with the following words "Wired, High school, Isolation, Tragedy, Exearation" in which each first letter of these words make up the word "White". Which are the names of the chapters in the final game.[citation needed]


This differences list is based on the beta tech demo (2000) and later available material (of pre-final builds) being compared with the final game (2001).
  1. In the demo version, you will see Seong-ah standing alone facing the wall (Without Ji-hyeon) itching herself (she seems cold, maybe the originally intended weather), she will first say that you scared her and the dialogue goes on.
  2. After turning off the alarm and leaving through the home economics room, talking to Seon-ah will make her thank you for turning off the alarm and that if you heard a scream (as in final) but then she says "It's spooky here tonight, something must be happening here, please stay with me" in which you have three replies for: "I'll stay with you" or "I have to go" or "Shut up", replying with "Shut up" will produce a ferious reply from Seong-ah in which she would tell him/you that you don't have any manners. Though she will still give you the hallway key.
  3. Seong-ah's appearance along with the other girls (Ji-hyeon) are slightly different but the most change is done to the head and hands, in the final game the face is overall more defined as well as the lips, which are smoothly animated, while in this version the characters head model has no defined lips, as well as their hands and hairs which look blocky when compared to the defined 3D models in the final version.
  4. Ji-hyeon (initially know as Myung-suk in earlier version from 1999) was to be involved in an accident with Mi-suk (Mi-suk's model in the earlier version also used a placeholder model which is Myung-suk's/Ji-hyeon's model).
  5. Most of the classes are empty and has no chairs no tables nor light switches, as well as the reception room which is 90% empty. Could be due to the demo version only.
  6. The tree room is empty but the tree textures are applied to the ground and walls, getting into the first floor class with the tree will cause repeated damage and a Korean message will appear on screen.
  7. The area where you see Na-yeong's ghost death/hung scene is slightly different, the exit door cant be used, the windows are a bit different and there's no rain outside, the shock scene is not there but somewhere else.
  8. Drink machines / Soya Machines cannot be used.
  9. No coins can be picked up throughout the game either, there are models of 100 won coins.
  10. The pen item and memos (save points) are not there, perhaps removed as it's a demo version.
  11. There's a beta "Luminous stick" item which was removed from the final version of the game and possibly replaced with the matches, this item can be found in the home economics room / cooking practice room. It has very tiny brightness, You can barely see the light when you get close to the wall.
  12. The Machine room will not go back to the fine looking like room as in final, it will instead remain as it is.
  13. The beta version of the game dialogue can be found in data/dialog.txt only the few parts of the dialog with Seong-Ah and Ji-Hyun are translated, the rest remains in Korean but can be translated when the encoding is set to Korean, this includes possibly cut content like the pregnant girl which had an abortion and committed suicide, therefore the voice of a crying baby and a woman can be heard.
  14. A lot of beta content can be found in this beta version/demo including a locked out Multiplayer mode of the game which was patched out on later versions of the final game via patches, the files remain intact along with the code, it's unknown if it can be unlocked on this demo or earlier versions of the final game.
  15. There is a Golden Locket item model that has picture of So-yeong and a mirror inside. It can be seen by hacking the item in the game/final game or if you look inside data/item folder. At back of locket, Na-yeong wrote or rather carved: "To My Lovely Sister, So-Yeong". There isn't any scene or way to obtain the locket normally in game however...

    texture of locket model.

  16. Also if you check obj(etc.) folder, you can find textures of an orange cat. Pictures- more likely models supposedly were planned to be in game, but removed later, the cat was supposed to be in place of the Woman in the closet; who appeared in Blood Festival, but was removed from the final game (with the cat planned in her place) and later, she returned in the remake.
  17. The locations of the items are different. For example, the wire Cutters in this game is placed at a table near machine room but in the final, it was relocated to the table with stacked chairs. There is also a photo category in the diary, it was removed in the final build. The only photo was the president of Sonnori (as it is stated in the diary). The photo was later reused in some of the buildings, portraying a big large landscape. It is possible that it was supposed to be a collectible instead of the game packages in the final.


Early Builds

Screenshots from the trailer.

August, 2000 - Tech Demo

Screenshots of the tech demo which was showcased in the ECTS british game show in August 2000.Dummy Files

Later Builds

Screenshots of later builds (pre-final)

Removed Items

Below are images of removed items (hacked) in the final version. They are not present in the prototype demo data.




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