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Water Demon (Hangul: 물 귀신; hanja: 물 鬼神 ; RRmul gwisin; MRmul kwisin, Water Ghost) is an invisible ghost encountered on the rooftop of the New Building of Yeondu High School.

Ghost Story

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The Water Vein (Hangul: 수맥; hanja: 水脈 ; RRSu-maek) is a puzzle at the rooftop of the New Building. Clearing it will enable you to obtain the Water Amulet.

To do this, first obtain the L-rod and equip it. If L-rod turns into "X" sign, then you should not pass and turn around. If L-rod do not turns into "X" sign, then you can pass. Entering the wrong way will cause that the water flow will throw you to the starting position. The more distance between the point where you made a wrong decision and the starting point, the more damage of throwing will significantly increase, which will instantly kill you if the distance was far enough.


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