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WangReal Engine (Hangul: 왕리얼 엔진 ) is a Game Engine. It was developed by Republic of Korea's game developer, Seo Kwan-hee from Sonnori and used first in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

The name was a parody of the name of Unreal Engine (Wang means king. also used prefix to word, it mean big,very,severe.. etc. So WangReal means Very Real).

One of the Engine's features is the wide area rendering, it is characterized by a wide range that can be implemented smoothly. Currently Ntreev Soft carry out a massive improvement work for the engine, to make 'Project Fox'. Also the name was changed to 'W' (the initials of WangReal).[1]

File Formats

The first version of the engine uses file formats that are similar to Half Life 1 files, such as .BSP (levels) and .WAD (Texture package files included inside the extracted .NOP Data folder), such files can be opened, viewed and edited by Valve's official software development kit tools and third party tools.


First Generation

Used in White Day (2001), Didn't include any form of physics, So every character's hair does not move (aside from handmade animations). However, In terms of the 3D engine, It is one of the best compared to other self-developed engines from those days.

Second Generation

Added physics through "The study of the physical phenomena in Pangya Gold" and As a result it increased the capacity. Precisely, The engine is specialized for the game, Pangya.[2]

Third Generation

Next-generation games that would use the WangReal Engine 's lineage. It will be used in 'Project fox' .

Games using the Engine


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