Note: Ohnemin allowed me to translate it

Supposedly it would have been the third English Translation Mod, it will be the first English Translation mod that is confirmed to be set to be released, DEFINITELY.

For those who want to find out what were the two English Translation Mod that were originally supposed to be fully translated, you can find out here.


다운로드 Whiteday MOD 피의축제

다운로드 Whiteday MOD 피의축제.exe (1구역 한정, 유저모드)


Blood Festival is mod made for the leaked demo. It was created by oh1min (ohnemin) with a help of several other Korean users (김디깅, Ku, etc.).

This mod extends the leaked demo plot along with some models having being replaced, added, or textured.

The mod is still currently in development but the Main Building 1 has been completed.



Download Links

White Day: Blood Festival Mod for Leaked Demo by oh1min (Patch 10)

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