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I'm an Admin and the re-establisher of the White Day Wiki

I joined this wiki in 2013 when White Day became popular around the world, a friend told me to it and Unnamed (John) pointed fans in his blog to this Wiki. I came back in November 2015 and started updating this wiki, starting from the main page, tagging additional pages (duplicates) deletion, adding a remake page, updating it and several pages, installing templates, making navboxes and updating overall content with the help of the other users until I got the "Admin" rights, then I assigned the users that helped me as Admins as they have been helping me with this wiki and supporting my decision. Since then, the Wiki has been revived and is back on its feet and looking as good as ever.


I'm a Media Student, a hobbyist Artist (I draw and I 3d Model), Writer in my own mind/time, Tech savvy, Adventurer. Hoping to get involved in various/any projects and graduate while getting a chance in the media industry to direct/write/create anything related to Art, Media (Production, Acting, Writing, Music) and Games.

My native language is Arabic (العربيه) - Bahraini dialect. But I do speak other languages (to some extent) Including Persian and Hindi Urdu.

I love Art, Music, Acting, Drama, Adventures and Video Games are my love. P.S. I Adore pets and babies. Living up as much as problems we face.


For assistance, use my Message Wall or contact option above in my user bar to contact me.

Favorite pages


Some of my mods and renders for White Day