Torres MP3 Player or Torres WMA Player is a hidden easter egg item in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. It is exclusive in the original version and is not included in the remake ver.


It is found inside Classroom 2-8 in Main Building 1, go inside that room after you defeat The Tree Ghost, pickup the Wood Amulet and search the cabinets, one of them will open up and it's inside.


The MP3 Player contains 6 tracks, few of which are played in the game, including the main track "The Labyrinth" by Hwang Byungki and Palobina by "Rainy Sun".

Further Notes

  • You can use a custom made tool to replace the tracks to MP3/WMA music tracks of your own, which can be also done manually.
  • The MP3 Player only plays the music tracks while you're in the inventory.