For original game appearance, see Hee-jin and The Tree Ghost.

Ghost tree collection

Official name is The Tree Crave Blood(피를 원하는 나무)

The Tree Ghost (나무귀신 / 귀목 namugwisin / gwimog), Also known as Ghost Tree, Laughing Tree, Bloodthirsty Tree, Demon Tree or Tree Monster is the first boss encountered in White Day Remake in the Main Building 1 of Yeondu High School.

It's backstory is found in School Ghost Story (5)


"You are going to help me out!"
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Ghost Story

Main article: The Ghost Tree - School Ghost Story (5)


After a brief discussion takes place between Lee Hui-min and Han So-yeong, All that is known is that a semi earthquake happens, a plant pot falls on the floor and then this plant appears to mutate further and imprisons So-yeong.

It grows in the whole class and occupies the first and second floor while laying out eggs all around the school. If you directly enter the classroom of The Tree Ghost just after So-yeong is attacked, plenty of twigs of the ghost tree will attack the player and cause an instant death.

Defeating it

To save So-yeong from Tree Ghost's clutches, the player will need two items: Insect Repellent and Chemical Solvent.
These two items can be found in several documents. : 'Purchase Request Slip', 'School Ghost Story (5)' and 'A Note from the Class President'.

You have to find all of the eggs around the building and use the Chemical Solvent on them. Lastly, use the Chemical Solvent on the tree hole to kill it. The tree will attack one last time in a cut scene, In the mobile ver(2015) you have to drag the spray Icon to its hand quickly. In the PC /PS4 ver(2017), you must press a key quickly in the direction shown on the screen.
(Hint in document : School Ghost Stories (5), Purchase Request Slip)

The classroom door where So-young attacked will now be blocked by its twigs.

Further Notes

  • In the original game, there was Hee-jin and The Tree Ghost, but Hee-jin was deleted from the remake and the story was altered. Defeating method and gameplay were also altered.