Yeong-mi, also known as The Starved Ghost is the ghost of girl student that died in Yeondu High School.

The Ghost Story

Main article: Extreme Dieting Death - School Ghost Stories (08)

Game play

※It is possible When you play the Hard mode or more. In PS4/PC version, it's possible in Super Easy Mode or more. However, her appearance is set to low rate.



  • She appears in the School Store at 1st floor, New Building. (Lights must be turned off.)
  • If you want to see her appearance, you should use the five Lunch Boxes.
  • When you place the Lunch Box on the Stainless Steel Food Tray, she takes Lunch Box and makes a sharp sound.
  • In the mobile version, if you place the 5th Lunch Box, she attacks the player after eating the food. However, in the PS4/PC version, only two lunchbox is needed.