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"The Lying Female Student" also known as the Ji-hye, (Hangul: 누워 있는 여학생 )

She is a new ghost exclusive to the the remake ver.



※ It is possible When you play the Hard mode or more

She appears in Certain Classes of the New building.
Her name is Ji-hye mentioned in School Ghost Stories (3).



  • If you want to collect her, You should be meet her ASAP. (After the start of the game, you should meet her within 2 hours [ Play time ].).
    Otherwise during play in the New building, She doesn't appear in the Classroom 3-9 : bug (estimated)
  • If you need to get to the collection, you need to meet her order as specified (from lower number to higher number).
    When you arrived in New building, you can find her lying in Classroom 3-3 , then in 3-6 and in 3-9 you can see her face.
  • Starting from the low number of classes, she is lying with her face facing the floor. But as you go through the higher number of classes, she will be lying with her body/face toward the ceiling, she suddenly shows a threatening face and disappears.


The Ghost Story

Main article: Boy, Kills Girl - School Ghost Stories (3)
Added document in The remake ver.

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