The following text contains strong reference to Taoist studies.
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The Talismans also known as Tokens (Remake) and Amulets (Hangul: 부적 ), are major plot important key items in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. They are based on the The Five Elements and created from peach tree wood. They were designed to balance Qi energy around Yeondu High School and were created by a geomancer.


The amulets were designed by a geomancer not long after the construction of the school. Soon after, another geomancer was called in to fix a problem with them between 1998 or 1999.[1]

The amulets are made from peach tree wood because of the significance it was believed to have in ancient Chinese culture; The ancient Chinese believed the peach to possess more vitality than any other tree because their blossoms appear before leaves sprout.

The Five Elements
source: Wu Xing

The purpose of the talismans was to balance Feng Shui (which relies on balancing Qi energy utilizing The Five Elements), hence them being equally spaced around the school. They possess the ability to trap any ghosts in the school area coming from the afterlife.[2] [3][4]

It is said by Ji-won in "CD Contents" however, that the amulets have been taking the Qi (life energy) from the living also, which has caused repeated deaths.[3]

The amulets are getting weaker because of the power of the Qi in the afterlife being disturbed and breaking through.

The Five Elements Circle

You are accused of affecting the amulet's balance of which it holds because you take them with you on your journey.


Either one of the five amulets are obtained after completing a challenge or defeating a boss and are used to open certain doors to open new areas of the game.

At the end of the game, they are united to seal the afterlife and escape.

Name Korean Name Original Image Remake Image The way to Acquisition
Metal Amulet / Metal Token
금[金]의 부적 / 금[金]의 패
Metal Amulet.jpg
Metal Token.png
Turn off the alarms in the Machine Room (Workshop) at the Main Building, Section 1.
Wood Amulet / Wood Token
목[木]의 부적 / 목[木]의 패
Wood Amulet.jpg
Wood Token.png
Defeat Hee-jin and The Tree Ghost ( or The Ghost Tree ) at the Main Building, Section 1.
Earth Amulet / Earth Token
토[土]의 부적 /토[土]의 패
Earth Amulet.jpg
Earth Token.png
Complete the Clay Doll model of the baby's mother and unite them together in Main Building, Section 2.
Water Amulet / Water Token
수[水]의 부적' / 수[水]의 패
Water Amulet.jpg
Water Token.png
Cross the rooftop, evading the Water Demon ( or Mermaid ) in the New Building.
Fire Amulet / Fire Token
화[火]의 부적 / 화[火]의 패
Fire Amulet.jpg
Fire Token.png
Extinguish the fire in the Lecture Hall; get the Valve Handle and put it's place in the backstage room to completely extinguish the fire and kill Eun-mi.

Further Notes

  • The concept is based on Chinese TAOISM study of Wu Xing / The Five Elements.
  • There were no mentions of the amulets or any hint in the Prototype Versions of the game.
  • In the end, the Amulets are united together to seal the afterlife and free the ghosts (let them pass on) and escape the labyrinth.
  • They are referred to as "Talismans" in Sonnori's leftover English script, 부적 (bujeog) translates to amulet, talisman, phylactery and ju-ju, respectively. Amulet wards off negative energy while Talismans just give the owner positive energy, the accurate term is "Amulet".



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