Student Department Office is a Room located on the 2nd floor in Main Building, Section 2 of Yeondu High School.


Student Department is managed the students' life guidance and discipline. (It also managed the students' union) And some schools use the same meaning as the Student Department and the students' union.

In the original, the password is automatically fixed. However, in the remake, it is randomised.

Decoding the Principal's Office passcode

Passcode in Chalkboard


(Note: In the remake, passcodes are randomised.)

  • In order to decode the chinese characters written on the Chalkboard (In remake, it is hidden), you should look at the paper (1 - 10) attached to the right side for reference or guide solution.

Understanding the structure of the puzzle

  • There is a total of 12 chinese characters. Each three chinese characters are spaced in between, creating four parts.
    • In order to decode the passcode, you have to do it through mathematically (By minus, plus, multiply or divide).
    • There's each in every four lines. Looking at what means, it refers as "not" or "no". This can be a substitute sign for subtraction.

Subtracting the characters

In this case, we will subtract this mathematical question shown below.

Method of decode
  • Looking at the example of a random problem sums shown below, the first character (曰) and third character (囗) will result in one of the four digits for the passcode.
    • Using 不, we take the "box" from 囗 and remove/delete the "box" from 曰, which creates (1).

(Example: - = )
(Second Example: - = )

  • This applies the same thing to the other chinese characters as well.

Further Note