Song Jin-woo (Hangul: 송진우 ) is the the protagonist of The School: Swan Song. In 1995 he is a senior student in Yeondu High School, He meets up with Lee Yoo-ri early in the game, who is assumed to be his date.


In March 14th 1995 (unconfirmed date) - White Day, the protagonist goes to Yeondu High School to meetup with his date/girl friend, Lee Yoo-ri. As soon as he arrives strange things begin to happen.

A brief discussion between him and Lee Yoo-ri takes place about how late the time and (A) how late Yoo-ri is on their date (or meeting), Yoo-ri addresses him as her only Senior, they walk out of classroom (?) and Yoo-ri notices that the door is locked and won't open, despite opening it previously, the due start searching for the Main Hallway Key, after finding the key she unlocks the door to the corridor, she tells him to go on first as she seems to be spooked, she also freaks out while walking in the corridor (assumed that she saw something in the windows on the right).

While he takes a walk inside one of the class rooms, some PCs are turned on but they seem to be system crashed, the projector flicks for a second showing what appears to be the Head Ghost Lady. The janitor (assumed to be Lee Bong-gu) spots them and runs after them, which forces them to run to the registration office, they hide in there until the janitor goes away and then and Yoo-ri suddenly walks off to the student council storeroom and disappears, a girl (that looks like Yoo-ri) appears in front of the protagonist suddenly and walks through the door right to the double door in front of the registration office which is basically a balcony, the protagonist chases after her and finds her standing on the edge of the balcony he then tries to stop her but after opening the balcony door she jumps off the ledge to the ground which horrifies the protagonist, she reappears as a corpse (ghost) with a bloodied face and fragile movements and climbs over the ledge out of nowhere (further affirming that she's a ghost) further freaking him out.

Further notes

  • Unlike Lee Hui-min, the character is voiced and does talk when replying to other characters in the game.[1]
  • Judging by his deep voice and the way Yoo-ri refers to him as seonbae! (선배!) (which means Senior/Elder) he is a senior student.
  • His name has been mentioned by Korean sources stating that the voice actor released information about his role in White Day: Swan Song as Song Jin-woo (Hero). Though still unconfirmed.