Son Dal-su (Hangul손달수 ), otherwise known as "The Hatted Man"; "The Second Janitor" and "Johnny Wong", was a Janitor in Yeondu High School. He was possessed by spirits during the paranormal incident at Yeondu High School.


Dal-su is younger than Bong-gu and his appearance is sharp. Students are afraid of him and spread bad rumours about him.

During the paranormal events that took place in Yeondu High School he was possessed, much like Bong-gu. He patrolled the New Building, carrying a baseball bat and a flashlight with him, chasing anyone found in the school, including Lee Hui-min and the other students.

Eventually, he, along with Bong-gu, were knocked out by Choi Eun-mi after she released a high pitched scream. After this, Hui-min and the others would not be chased by either Dal-su or Bong-gu.


Like Bong-gu, he carries a flashlight, baseball bat and whistle, which he will blow upon spotting the player. He also carries P's Vending Machine Key on his belt, obtained by "ass-stabbing" him with the Sanitary Gloves. Dal-su is also much faster than Bong-gu, this is due to him not having a limp.

In the Remake ver, Sanitary Gloves were removed and as a result, P's Vending Machine Key has been removed. He blows a whistle while on patrol, signalling his presence to the player.

Further notes

  • Dal-su is always seen wearing a hat.
  • Dal-su chases the player for longer than Bong-gu. If he spots you once you can not escape him and will be unable to save the game.
    (This situation applies when the user is in a state of being chased by the all Janitor.)
    the easiest solution is to quit the game when this happens Or to completely hidden from the guards the player is chasing.
  • In the original game, P's Vending Machine Key will still appear on Dal-su's belt after being taken once, but cannot be taken again.
  • Dal-su has a habit of whistling while on patrol (remake only).
  • Dal-su is left handed, compared to Bong-gu who is right handed.



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