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Seol Ji-hyeon (설지현), also known as "Amy" or "Glasses Girl", is a student in Yeondu High School.
She is a shy, timid and very curious girl due to her asking questions since her first appearance.


No mention in the game is made about Ji-hyeon's relatives or background.

Not much is known about Ji-hyeon's background except as a friend of So-young's. However, the reason she came to school that night is slightly unnerving.

Ji-hyeon claims that she came to school that night because So-yeong told her to over the phone the same day. However, when Ji-hyeon and So-yeong finally meet in Main Building Area 2, So-yeong wonders why Ji-hyeon came, having no recollection of calling Ji-hyeon. Seong-ah was originally due to use Ji-hyeon as a collector for the amulets, but due to her timid nature, and being afraid of revealing too much information, she instead turned her attention towards the new and clueless student, Hui-min.

As the game progresses, she loses the trust of So-yeong and Seong-ah and often parts from the others, spending most of her time alone in the school.

"But you called me and asked me to come here...?"
"I called you? What are you talking about?"
"It was definitely your voice, So-yeong."
—The first conversation between Ji-hyeon and So-yeong.

Skipping ahead toward the very end of the game, these lines are said (during a flash-back):

"Hello Na-yeong? It's Seong-ah."
"Na-yeong? No, it's So-yeong here."
"Wow, So-yeong. You two sound very similar on the phone. Can I talk to Na-yeong?"
—A conversation over the phone between So-yeong and Seong-ah years before the game is set.

This must mean that Na-young called Ji-hyeon from the dead, at 10 o'clock at night, to meet her at school. Ji-hyeon mistook her for So-yeong on the phone and left, only to find Seong-ah there and run into So-yeong later by chance.

Further Notes

Myung-suk (Ji-hyeon)

  • Ji-hyeon was originally known as Myung-suk (Alternatively : Meyong-Sook) in the first build of White Day, known as White Day: Blood Festival. Her head textures remain in the final game (Labyrinth) and the full textures are on White Day: A Ghost School Tragedy.
  • In White Day: A Ghost School Tragedy, she was also meant to have experienced the school fire with Mi-suk, who is now only known in a Ghost Story note in the version we know today.
  • It is a possibility that she was somehow related with Mi-Suk in the original beta version since she is involved in the accident that killed Mi-Suk in White Day: A Ghost School Tragedy, and that her name was actually "Myung-Suk / Myeong-Sook" in White Day: Blood Festival.
  • If the player annoys her by touching her skirt (or leg) multiple times, she will kick Hee-Min and he will take damage. That damage is quite powerful.
    And the affinity score to her is greatly reduce.
  • In the NDC 2012, White Day's former game director says The personalities of three female students in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School have motif to The Characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    Ji-hyeon's personality was the motif of the personality of 'Shinji' .



  1. She was an amateur voice actress at the time, now is not the voice actress.
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