Romance of Package also known as Romance Package , was special game box set released by Sonnori in the 7th of January, 2005 and is divided into former editions and late editions.

After this release set, Sonnori has concentrated on the development of online Windows games. 


The box set includes 7 games, feature DVD, history book, game guide manual and OSTs.

Sonnori Website Snapshot - Web Archive 2006 - Romance Package

Romance Package set as seen on Sonnori's website - 2006

  1. Arcturus
  2. Darkside Story
  3. Forgotten Saga
  4. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
  5. Astonishia Story (Need to MS-Dos Emulator)
  6. Astonishia Story R
  7. Steel Empire
  8. Special Feature in DVD (Promotional Video, Video of the fan meeting Trailer etc..)
  9. Sonnori's History Book clips
  10. Game Guidebook (Manual)
  11. O.S.T. (The main BGM in Package of the games)
  12. Sonnori's Game Ad Collection
  13. Sonnorigun Cartoon.
  14. Sonnori Special membership card (Print serial number for each card)
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