All Old Figures Collection

Hui-min's figure, which is his model from the original/classic game.


Old Figures Collections (Hangul: 오래된 모형 수집 ) is a new feature in the

remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.


Players can collect figures in the game (can be collected after finishing Hell (Wang real) Mode once), resembling character models from the original version of the game. They can be also viewed from the "Old Figures Collections" Menu.

There are 7 figures to collect, (Lee Hui-min, Han So-yeong, Kim Seong-ah, Seol Ji-hyeon, Lee Bong-gu, Son Dal-su and Choi Eun-mi).

Collecting all of these figures will reward the player with an unlockable costume that is Bong-gu's Costume ("Solemn Memory").


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Item Location Additional info Image
Lee Hui-min's Figurine
[Male Student Figurine]
In the toilet tissue Vending machine at the "Girl's Bathroom", 1st floor of the Main Building 1.
Lee Hui-min's Figurine.png
Lee Bong-gu's Figurine
[Bald Janitor Figurine]
In the drawer of the desk at "Student Records Office", Main Building, Section 1. Used Small Master Key.
Lee Bong-gu's Figurine.png
Kim Seong-ah's Figurine
[Short-Haired Female Student Figurine]
On the Countertop at the "Home Economics Classroom" of the Main Building, Section 1 You should to ignite all Stove in this Classroom.
(And You need to Home Economics Classroom Key.)
Kim Seong-ah's Figurine.png
Choi Eun-mi's Figurine
[Middle-Aged Woman Figurine]
In the drawer of the desk at "Night Duty Room", Main Building, Section 2. Used Small Master Key.
Choi Eun-mi's Figurine.png
Son Dal-su's Figurine
[Janitor with Hat Figurine]
In the Storage cabinet at "Art Room", Main Building, Section 2. Used Art Room Key.
Son Dal-su's Figurine.png
Han So-young's Figurine
[Long-Haired Female Student Figurine]
In the Small drawer ( Near the window side ) at "Resource Center" of the New Building. Used "Red Keycard".
Han So-young's Figurine.png
Seol Ji-hyun's Figurine
[Female Student with Glasses Figurine]
In the Locker ( Bottom side ) at the "Girl's Locker Room", Auditorium ( A.K.A Lecture Hall ).
Seol Ji-hyun's Figurine.png


  • Prior to the release of Steam (PC) version, the figurine count was bugged, preventing the players from unlocking the costume. This was eventually fixed in V1.06 but the bug re-appears back in the next update. However, it does not affect the conditions for unlocking the costume.


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