Oh! Jaemi (Hangul오! 재미 ) Meaning: Oh! Fun, Also known as "Oh!Jaemi Forever" or  "Small bean bag Mod" is an additional spinoff online Multiplayer mode (Official Game Mod) running on the same engine as White Day.

It was developed by Sonnori and released in 2002 as an expansion for White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001), and has been featured in all of its later releases excluding v1.18 (Romance of Package version) a the servers for the game were shut down in 2005. The game can still be played in LAN (Local Area Network) mode or via Hamachi.


Oh! Jaemi is a cooperative and competitive friendly first-person shooter video game and is an extension mod of White Day. Players have the ability to modify their names and modify their controls pre-play / match. The game includes around 12 playable characters. The game supports online server play (although the server is down) and LAN Play (Local Area Network).

In this game, players do not use guns but Small bean bags instead, to fight each other. In one certain mode, each of the two teams, the blue and red team, have to compete against each other and capture bases by hitting the base points ( Large sphere with Confetti & Banner ) several time to capture it. It is unknown if there are other game modes beside this mode.


  • Enter - Chat
  • T - Team Chat
  • Left Click - Throw
  • Right Click - Pick
  • W/A/S/D, arrow keys - Move
  • Left Ctrl - Crouching
  • Space Key - Jump
  • ESC - displays room information, map change (manager), exit, disaster prevention change (manage)

  • Blue Beans - 5 shots And Right-click on it
  • High jump - Right-click and 3 hits on the space bar
  • Angel Jump (informality) - You can use it if you have 9 beans. If you press the A and D buttons on the right side of the mouse, you will see a red square, which is an Angel Jumper.


  • Sendtosh
  • Themepark
  • Warehouse
  • Playground
  • Hurdle


Name (English) Name (Korean Hangul) Description
Kang Seong-hun 강성훈 Blue Haired Guy
Lee Eun-yeong 이은영 Girl with long blonde hair.
Ji-na 지나 Girl with blue cap and short orange skirt.
Cheon-jin 천진 Guy with red hair and opened black jacked and 6-pack abs.
Choi Yeon 최연 Girl with black jacket and long blue hair.
Choi Yun-seo 최윤서 Guy with blue shirt and white? hair.
Han Tae-su 한태수 Gymnast Guy with black no sleeve shirt and blue jeans
Oh Su-hui 오수희 Girl with short hair and white no sleeve shirt and blue hair band.
(She is main character of Darkside Story)
Park Pal-bok 박팔복 Guy with leather outfit and hat.
Mi-yeon 미연 Blue short hair girl with black skirt, brown shirt and black tie.
Se-na 세나 Girl with brunette hair, white shirt, pink vest and black skirt.
Kim Ji-won 김지원 Blonde haired guy with black/blue shirt and white undershirt, also wearing a necklace.


The creation of Oh! Jaemi wasn't something expected until Sonnori introduced it in updated version of White Day, perhaps to compensate for the Multiplayer Mode they initially promoted and didn't make it into the final game. It is also suggested that Oh! Jaemi was derived from the Multiplayer Mode itself as a result.

Further notes

  • Sonnorigun makes cameo appearances in this game.
  • This game is perhaps one of the initial Korean online multiplayer shooter games at the time.
  • It is running on the same engine as White Day and is an extension of it (launched via the same launcher).
  • The gameplay style is very similar to other competitive online first person shooters introduced later; such as Counter Strike or the later Metal Gear Online, the main difference is that Oh! Jaemi does not involve any guns in the game, aside from the beans, which classifies it as a friendly shooter.
  • The BGM of title screen is a part of bgm in the 'National gymnastics' of korea.
    ( Now spreading new gymnastics )


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