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Ntreev Soft's Logo

Ntreev Soft (엔트리브 소프트) is a South Korean company that was established in November, 2003.

It was divided from Sonnori in 2003 and Ntreev Soft was acquired by SK Telecom on July 2007.
On 15 February 2012, NCsoft has acquired Ntreev Soft from its parent company, SK Telecom.

Ntreev Soft are best known for their work on the online multiplayer golf game PangYa, Trickster Online & Alicia online ( 말과 나의 이야기, 앨리샤 ).


2003. 04

PC Online Game 'Trickster' launched in Korea.
(Released by Sonnori at the time)

2003. 11

Plenus, Inc. divides into Ntreev Soft Co.,Ltd. and Sonnori Co., Ltd.

2004. 04

PC Online Game 'PangYa' Open Beta Testing begins in Korea.

2004. 11

'PangYa' launched in Japan.

2005. 12

'PangYa' launched in North America.

2006. 12

Nintendo Wii version of PangYa released in Japan (Swing Golf Pangya) and in North America (Super Swing Golf). < Not released in Korea. >

2007 - 2008

The 2nd version of PangYa for Nintendo Wii released in Korea & Japan (Swing Golf Pangya 2nd Shot) and in North America (Super Swing Golf Season 2).

2008 - 2009

Sony PSP version of PangYa released in Korea & Japan (Fantasy Golf Pangya Potable ) and in North America (Pangya: Fantasy Golf).


Mobile Game 'White Day Mobile' launched in Korea.


PC Online Game 'Alicia online ( 말과 나의 이야기, 앨리샤 )' launched in Korea.


Trickster Online service was closed in Korea.
Alicia online service was closed.


Mobile Game '소환사가 되고싶어 ( Want to be a Summoner )' < Trickster Online-based > released in Android & iOS.


Game Name Genre Platform Release Date Developer Publisher
Trickster [Closed] MMORPG PC 2003 Sonnori - >Ntreev Soft Netmarble -> Ntreev Soft
PangYa Sports (Golf) PC (MMOG) 2003 Transferred from Sonnori during development. Hanbit Soft -> Ntreev -> Smilegate Megaport
Swing Golf Pangya
NA: Super Swing Golf
Sports (Golf) Wii 2006 Ntreev Soft,Tecmo Tecmo
Swing Golf Pangya 2nd Shot
NA: Super Swing Golf Season 2
Sports (Golf) Wii 2007 Ntreev Soft, Tecmo Ntreev Soft, Tecmo
Pangya: Fantasy Golf Sports (Golf) PSP 2008 Ntreev Soft Ntreev Soft,Tomy
White Day Mobile Horror Mobile 2009 Ntreev Soft Ntreev Soft
DJMax Mobile (2009) Music video game Mobile 2009 Ntreev Soft, Lunosoft Gametree (Ntreev's Game Webportal)
/ Rolling Kongs
Puzzle PC / iOS 2010 / 2011 Ntreev Soft
Alicia online
( 말과 나의 이야기, 앨리샤 ) [Closed]
Racing PC (MMOG) 2011 Ntreev Soft Ntreev Soft
세컨 어스
( Second Earth ) [Closed]
Strategy Android / iOS 2014 Ntreev Soft Ntreev Soft
소환사가 되고싶어
( Want to be a Summoner )
RPG Android / iOS 2015 Ntreev Soft Ntreev Soft

Further Notes

  • PC MMO Game, PangYa and Trickster Online were under development before the Ntreev Soft was separated from Sonnori.
  • The forerunner of Ntreev Soft was N.E.W Team of the Sonnori's Development team