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화이트데이: 학교라는 이름의 미궁
고전게임 디렉터 포스트모템
이은석 / Nexon Korea
White Day: labyrinth named School
Classic game Director post-mortem
Lee Eun-Seok / Nexon Korea

Nexon Developer Confence is a yearly held video games, tech and electronics conference by Nexon Corp.[1] A presentation relating to White Day was held in the 2012 Nexon Developer Conference (NDC 12).[2][3]

The presentation was presented by the former director of White Day, Lee Eun-seok. The presentation by Lee Eun-seok included various informations on the development (and making of) White Day starting from its inspiration, games that were the source of its inspiration (including: Resident Evil), Movies that inspired various scenes in the game, real locations that inspired the areas in the game, behind the scenes with the developers during its development, base engine (BSP Level Format), scenario story-boards and its various developmental stages, including: Ghost School, Blood Festival, and A Ghost School Tragedy. Below are the slides.

Presentation Slides