For the Ghost in the remake version, see Eun-ah.

Mi-suk (Hangul미숙 ) also known as "The Reversed Ghost" in the original game, is the ghost of a girl student who had her face accidentally burned by chemicals in Yeondu High School.


The Ghost Story

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According to the Ghost Story, one day, Mi-suk during a science lesson had her face burned accidentally when the room suddenly shook and the apparatuses with acid and toxic fumes cracked open and burnt her face, leaving half of it completely mutilated. She was rushed to the medical room, but they couldn't help her.

From there on, her life was completely isolated from outside. She went through a phase of depression and was so intensely upset, and one night, she climbed up onto the roof of her parents house while they were out, and jumped down below to the concrete path; She wanted her face to hit the floor first (Implying how much she hated the sight of herself).

It is rumoured that people still see Mi-suk around the chemistry room of the 2nd area of the Main Building, with her back to everyone.


In the remake, Mi-suk is the girl that caused Eun-ah's face to get burned with chemicals or rather attacked her. Eun-ah retains Mi-suk's story from the original game.


In the final original game, Mi-Suk does not appear, however, she does make an appearance in the prototype version known as White Day: Blood Festival. Her remake appearance is similar to the prototype.[note 1]

Further Notes

Reversed ghost in blood festival trailer

  • Mi-suk was initially confused with Woman in the closet who is mentioned in School Ghost Stories 4. Although Story 9 explicitly states Mi-suk is the girl that got her face burnt and her role as a ghost is detailed in the last sentence. Her in-game appearance was also confused with the Head Ghost Lady.
  • She does not appear in the original game but a ghost matching her ghost story description appeared in a trailer for the prototype version of the game, and is assumed to be "The Reversed Ghost" known as Mi-suk; who was cut from the final game.
  • In remake version, The Reversed Ghost, Mi-suk has been renamed to Eun-ah, but there is still a girl who is named Mi-suk in The Lost Face (Ghost Story Document), who attacked Eun-ah's face, this could be a possible reference to the fact that Eun-ah replaced Mi-suk and that Mi-suk never made it into the final version of the original (2001) game. Eun-ah's story description and gameplay appearance matches Mi-suk's.





  1. Reversed ghost / 돌아앉은 귀신 (Turned-sitting ghost or Sitting back ghost), Many people supposed that ghost which appears in Blood festival trailer, is Reversed ghost. Now it's added in the remake and it looks similar.
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