Lunch Box or Instant Lunch Box is a health recovery item featured in White Day, found in Yeondu High School and can be bought from Vending Machines.


Lunch Boxes can be found all around Yeondu High School, It is more rare than Soybean Milk.
Lunch Boxes can also be purchased from Vending Machines for 1000 Won (3 Yeondu Coin in Remake ver).
After eating a Lunch box your health will restore by half (50%).

Further Notes

  • In the Remake ver, It is used to cure dizziness in the game.
    (It is mitigate dizziness only slightly, unlike the Cow Gallstone Pill.)

  • The korean name of this item is " 즉석 도시락 " (Instant Lunch Box)

  • The name of this product ( - Chinese character) is a parody of the famous product in Korea 'Choco pie 情 [Orion Confectionery in S.Korea]'.
    In remake ver, The name of this product is "발열밥 ( Self-heating boiled rice ) - 카레 덮밥 ( A bowl of rice topped with Curry )"

  • In fact, This product has a description of Self-heating food packaging

  • It's also possible to get free Lunch Boxes. easter egg.
    • To do so you must acquire P's Vending Machine Key and open the Vending Machines on the 4th floor of the New Building. You can get 10 free Lunch Boxes. This will only work if your flashlight isn't turned on.
    • When you start the game you must enter the particular name. That name is '노에라'
      (it is White Day lead programmer's nickname, noerror)

      First name : 노 , Last name : 에라 (Enter the Only korean)

      So You can get 108 free Lunch Boxes when you start(In-game show 99 pieces)
      But this way is only available to enter the Korean language in Windows OS(need to IME:Input method editor may), 'copy & paste the word' is not working in game. Also It may not operate in the English patch ver. ( Maybe, files have been modified), It's possible to use "No" as first name and "Error" as second name to get them (May be patch exclusive).


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