Lee Hee-Min (Hangul이희민 Also written as Lee Hui-min in Mobile remake ver) is the main protagonist in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

In 2001 he was transferred to Yeondu High School and was involved in the paranormal events that took place on the night of 13th March when he sneaked into the school to give his favorite girl her diary and a White Day Candy.


본작의 주인공이자 플레이어의 분신
얼마 전 연두 고등학교로 전학 온 남학생. 과묵하고 차분한 성격 탓에 같은 반의 친구들 조차 아직까지 친하게 지내는 이가 없다. 겉보기엔 단정하고 곱상하게 생긴 외모 때문에 유약해 보이지만, 좋아하는 여학생에게 고백하기 위해 한 밤 중에 학교를 찾아올 정도로 대담한 면이 있다. 어디서나 볼 수 있는 평범한 학생처럼 보이지만, 그가 가진 내면의 용기야 말로 위험으로 가득한 학교의 어둠을 헤쳐나갈 수 있는 유일한 무기다.
— From Official Site [1]

"Lee Hee-Min
The alter ego of the protagonist and player's work
Transferred to Yeondu High School. Quiet and calm personality even half of as friends because lice cannot stay still friendly. He looks neat and glaze due to the seemingly delicate appearance, has a daring face enough to come to the school in the middle of the night to confess to his favorite Girl. He looks like an ordinary student, you can see anywhere, the only weapon he could get through the school gloom full of courage danger of inner surface words should have.

The average normal looking boy you play as throughout the game, also known as the player's alter ego.

Hee-Min transferred to Yeondu High School on the March 2001, a day before the game is set. Unfortunately for Hee-Min, this is one of the reasons Seong-ah accuses you of being a threat throughout the game.

Not much more information is known about Hee-Min, this is probably because he is meant to take the role as representing you; as the player.


On the March 2001, Hee-Min, who was a recently transferred student to Yeondu High School, fell in love with So-yeong and decided to give her candy for White Day.

On the 13th of March, Hee-Min found So-yeong during a school break, sitting on a bench reading a book, he attempted to give the candy to her. But suddenly the wind blew, and a precious photo of So-yeong and Na-yeong fell at Hee-Min's feet. Hui-min picks up the photo but So-yeong snatches it off him immediately. She then walks off to accompany her friend Seol Ji-hyeon, who was waiting by a tree. Afterwards, Hee-Min picks up So-yeong's Diary, which she forgot on the bench and he decides to give it to her later along with a White Day Candy.

With no other options left, Hee-Min decided to come to the school at the night of 13th March, 10:00 PM (The School's curfew time) to leave both the candy and her diary on her desk for her to pick up in the morning.

He later encounters the two other girls, Seong-ah and Ji-hyun having a brief discussion in the first Main Building, right next to the Home Economics Classroom. But little did he know that the school holds more than he thought. At that night, It's up to him to decide his destiny and the destiny of the other girls.

Further Notes

  • Although Hee-Min is the default name of the protagonist in game, it's possible to change his name to what you want.(Only available in the Original )
  • Hee-Min is a representation of the player (Player's alter ego, but also his own character).
  • Much like Claude from the Grand Theft Auto Games, his voice is never heard in-game. The only method of communication for him is displayed as reply choices in the Conversational System.