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L-Rods are one of the tools needed for Dowsing.
In White Day: ALNS, This tool is used to safely pass through the area of the Mermaid (or Water Demon as in the original game) is in.


If the rods are parallel then it is safe to pass or there is no problem.

But If the rods cross over, then something has been found (like water vein) or the place is dangerous (Water Demon / Mermaid area).

You can get it from the Occult Club, New Building and it is hinted in the document (Chaotic) at the Occult Club.

Getting it

After Kim Ji-won gives you the Blue Keycard, You have to go to the Earth Science Lab (Geography Room), note the London (Greenwich) time and read the World Time document in order to set the other clocks properly. Set the Clock times probably according to Greenwich GMT time, Beijing +8 (Clock in Computer Lab ), Moscow +3 (Clock in Art Studio), and Washington -3 (Clock in Occult Club), accordingly, after that the cabin will unlock and you can get it.

In Korean ver, This document ( Chaotic / 제부경 ) is expressed metaphorically about the way to acquire of the L-Rods.