Han Na-young (Localized:Na-young Han) (Hangul한나영 ) was a former student in Yeondu High School and is So-yeong's older sister who hung herself in 1998, 3 years before the game is set.

Her death is the reason So-young became interested in Taoist and supernatural beliefs.


Early Life

Na-young is So-young's older sister, So-young was born 3 years later. During high school she became close friends with Seong-ah with a level of trust so high and a strong mutual friendship between the two of them, Na-young always had Seong-ah's back and helped her whenever she needed help.[citation needed]

1998: Fire Accident

Sometime in 1998, a fire accident happens in Yeondu High School in the Home Economics Classroom, Seong-ah is ultimately left behind, her mother is prevented from going in and Na-young failing to save her and starts feeling guilty. Seong-ah dies from an asthma attack.[citation needed]

With the intention of escaping the five amulets power trapping the ghosts of the school, Master of the Labyrinth threatened to possess Na-young in 1997 and made her promise never to leave her. Na-young stayed possessed until early 1998 when she began to rebel against her due to the masters interfering in not allowing Na-young to be a sacrifice to resurrect Seong-ah.[citation needed]

"Table is ready! ... Sister, aren't you going to eat? ... Open the door, what are you doing in there? ... What's wrong? Why aren't you talking?"
— So-yeong during her sister's death in 1998.

Na-young is called in the night[citation needed] to come to the school unaware that a ritual was going to happen as Ji-won and Choi Eun-mi(Seong-ah's mother) planned to resurrect Seong-ah. Master of the Labyrinth eventually decided to force Na-young to hang herself, making it look like as if she committed suicide, while So-young knocks on her sister's room and finds out she is not there.

2001: Paranormal Incident

As a ghost, Na-young suffers the same fate as one of many ghosts trapped in the school because of the power of the amulets.

Na-young is the first ghost witnessed by Hui-min in chapter one to the left of the P.E. Storage Room, portrayed as a threat. Later she appears now and again floating about a foot above the floor and silently raising one arm to point at an important object before she quietly fades away. She was one of the only ghosts who actively helped Hui-min on his journey, majority others being threats. The possessed Seong-ah expressed fear and emotional outburst upon hearing the cries of Na-young.

WDNa G2-Nayeong

Na-yeong assisting Hui-min during the Lecture Hall fire.

"My sister has left for the afterlife..."
— So-yeong, after the Lecture Hall fire.

At the end (In the good ending; depending on which ending you get) So-young says that her sister had passed onto the afterlife, indicating that the power of the amulets had finally been broken; all the ghosts had been set free in the school. This explains the appearance of the many flying ghosts in the Lecture Hall, just before Chapter 5.

Further Notes

  • Na-young's voice is never heard in the game. But due to the flashback which shows Seong-Ah mistaking So-Young for Na-Yeong and Ji-Hyeon saying that So-Young had called her could only mean that her voice is probably the same as So-Young.
  • The Voice actress of 'Na-young'(like Sobbing voice) role is Lee Gye-yun(Stage name).[3]
    (At the time in 2001, She was working as Lee Myeong-Seon [Real name].)
    Also she took the role of Eun-mi.
  • In Remake ver, Na-yeong's voice isn't heard and no name is displayed in the ending credits.
  • In Seong-ah's ending (bad ending / Tuberose), So-young is ultimately left behind (possibly became a ghost) and is seen banging a window inside the school and calling for help while Na-young is standing right beside.
  • The possessed Seong-ah expressed outbursts in fear upon hearing the cries of Na-young, as shown in the game she ultimately freaks out and even accuses Hui-min of calling her spirit in and if you follow her she will start telling you about Na-young and how she is So-young's sister and the relation between So-young's presence and Na-young. Though its ultimately revealed later on that Master of the Labyrinth hated Na-young for not living up to her expectations and plans to get either Hee-min or So-young's body to keep herself alive.
  • In the original ver, If You met her for the first time and approach the window, you can see something.
    Also In the all difficulty modes of the PC/PS4 remake ver and the Hell mode of the Mobile remake ver, White chrysanthemum in the window is placed.



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