"Sweetie. Where are you going?...
— Grandmother Ghost

Grandmother Ghost is a ghost in Yeondu High School which appeared during the Yeondu High School Paranormal Incident in 2001.
In the Original ver, Ankle Ghost gives a similar effect.

The Ghost Story

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※ It is possible when you play the hard mode or higher.

  • She appears On the Indoor bridge at 3rd floor, New Building.
  • When the player pass the Indoor bridge, Suddenly immobilizes the player she her says "Sweetie. Where are you going?..."
    ( In Korean ver, 애기야~ [ Sweetie~ ] ).
  • When the player looks around, she suddenly appears and attacks and says "You can't leave this place forever".
    ( In Korean ver, 너는 절대로 나갈 수 없어. 넌 내가 찜했어. [ "You can never get out. I call dibs on you" ] )

Appearance Conditions

  • When the player pass the Indoor bridge on 3rd floor, Suddenly immobilizes the player. but she appeared randomly.