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For the stories, see School Ghost Stories.

Ghost Collections (Hangul: 귀신 수집 ; RRgwisin sujib) is a new feature in the Remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

Menu of "Ghost Collections" showing 10 of the collections.

In this menu, players are able to see Ghost Collections of various Ghosts in the game. The collections show a card with the Ghost's concept art / picture along with its own Ghost Story, the documents that you collect through the game.

Getting these collections depends on certain circumstances and situations to encounter the ghosts and collect their documents that should be achieved in a playthrough of the game.

List of Collections

There about 20 Ghost Collections in the game.

No. Document / Collection Title Ghost Image
1. The Housemistress Spirit The Housemistress Spirit
Captain collection.png
2. The Impassable Bridge Fox Spirit
Fox spirit collection.png
3. Boy, Kills Girl The Lying Female Student
Lying Female Student-4.png
4. A Woman Locked in the Closet Woman in the closet
Woman in the closet collection.png
5. Ghost Tree The Tree Ghost
Ghost tree collection.png
6. The Wailing from the Art Room Diary Keeper's Baby
Screenshot 2015-12-04-22-26-38.png
7. The Secret Of The Pond The Girl Outside the Window
Girl Outside The Window collection.png
8. Extreme Dieting Death The Starved Ghost
Yeong-mi collection.png
9. The Lost Face The Girl with a Hidden Face
Misuk collection.png
10. Competitive spirit The Library Ghost
Collection kyeong hui.png
11. An Incorrectly Solved Math Problem The child who is solving a problem
12. Find My Body for Me Haunted Head Ghost
Lunch Lady's Head collection.png
13. A One-Sided Love The Attendance Ghost
Attendance Ghost collection.png
14. The Mystery in the Dance Studio Doppelgänger
Doppel ghost collection.png
15. The Kid in the Corner Spider Ghost
Spier collection.png
16. Tragedy Brought by Jealousy Face Filled with Hatred
A Face full of Hatred collection.png
17. Voice that Beckons Me The Woman Who Hung Herself / Master of the Labyrinth
Screenshot 2015-12-15-18-34-28.png
18. The Mystery in the Biology Lab Mannequin
Mannequin collection.png
19. Mermaid Mermaid
Mermaid, water demon collection.png
20. The Missing Children Grandmother Ghost
Grandmother Ghost collection.png