Ga Il-hyun is a scrapped character which existed in two developmental phases of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, phases being: White Day: Ghost School and White Day: Blood Festival.


Nothing much is known about him except him being an exorcist who would cast out the evil spirits out from the school at some point according to the Blood Festival website (Archived) [citation needed], and the NDC 2012 Presentation by White Day's former director, who explained the various developmental stages about the game. It is also heavily implied in the Ghost School trailer found in Steel Empire data files, as he appears levitating and is surrounded by christian crosses while carrying what appears to be some sort of cross or white weapon. Nothing else is known about him since even his age was kept a mystery.


He has a short brown/dark hair, wears a white T-shirt and a blue jeans. He also seems to be carrying some sort of weapon in his hands and behind his back and he seems to have the ability to levitate.


He comes at Yeondu High School at some point (in White Day: Ghost School / White Day: Blood Festival).