"The CD that was found in the Music Room. It seems to have belonged to the dead music teacher."
— Examine Text

CD is an item in White Day: ALNS And Remake. It is believed to have belonged to the former deceased Music Teacher in Yeondu High School.

Over View

It is found in the Music Supplies Room, 3rd floor of the Main Building Sections 2.

It is inside a glass case (Original) or in the CD tray of stereo system located on a high shelf (Remake).

It is estimated that the CD item is related to the music teacher.

CD 2 (Original)

When turning to drag the CD

CD 2 (Remake)

When turning to drag the CD (Remake)
Different descriptions before and after the acquisition of key.

If you would like to get this, you must use the Remote Control.

The Way to get the Remote Control is different from the Original and the Remake.

Turning to drag (or use; as in the original) the CD in the inventory you can get the Art Room Key.

The CD is used for multiple purposes in the New Building.