An appointment congratulatory letter is a memo White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).

It is exclusive to the PC/PS4 remake version.
You can see this message when you play the 'Yoo Ji-min' route.


It can be acquired from the Ji-won Kim's Book.



An appointment congratulatory letter


I heard so much about you from your father.
Yeondu High School is a great place. I'm confident you'll fit right in.

There's one more thing. I don't know if you heard, but the music teacher before you had some problems...
So everyone may avoid you at first.

Let's show that you can do something great for this school.
That's why I want you to write a new school song!

It will dispel any worries people have.
If you need anything,

부임 축하 편지

잘 왔네.

자네 아버지가 자네 칭찬을 얼마나 했는지 귀에 딱지가 생겼어.
앞으로 우리 연두 고등학교를 잘 부탁함세.

그리고... 얘기를 들었는지 모르겠지만...
자네 앞에 있던 음악선생이 문제가 많았다고...
그래서 다들 색안경을 끼고 볼테니...

아예 말 못하도록 실력을 보여 주자고!
그래서 말인데! 교가를 새로 써 보는 게 어떨까?
아주 근사하게 곡을 써서 선생들 색안경을 싹다! 벗겨 버리는 거야.

그러니 뭐 필요한 게 있음 언제든 찾아 오게
그럼 종종 보세.