A note from the Art Teacher_02 is a memo White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).

It is exclusive to the PC/PS4 remake version.
You can see this message when you play the 'Yoo Ji-min' route.

If you acquire the Ji-won Kim's Book, You can see the this document first.


It can be acquired from the Ji-won Kim's Book.



A note from the Art Teacher_02

Thank you so much...
But, why are you trusting me with something so valuable...?

I'm not sure what's going on, but I Promise to take good care of it.
Come anytime you want it back. I'll keep this safe in my desk.

I'll even have a tiger guarding it for extra protection.

미술선생의 쪽지_02

나는 너무 감사한데...
무슨 일 있는가? 이렇게 귀한 걸 내게 주다니...

영문은 모르겠으나 내 보관을 철저히 할 테니 걱정말게.
자네도 보고 싶으면 언제든 호를 찾아오시게.

아무나 볼 수 없게 도자기는 내 서랍에 넣어 두겠네.

Further Note