A note from the Art Teacher_01 is a memo White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).

It is exclusive to the PC/PS4 remake version.
You can see this message when you play the 'Yoo Ji-min' route.


It can be acquired from the Ji-won Kim's Book.



A note from the Art Teacher_01


I'm Jin-Hyeon Seo and I'm in change of art class.
I left this note to see if you are okay.

Every new teacher in this school had a hard time for the first few months.
If you need to talk to someone, just leave me a note.

I also give some counseling.
Since we are both in the arts, I think I can help you with your problem.
The counselor's office is on the second floor of Main building 2.

Take care.

미술선생의 쪽지_01


저는 미술을 담당하고 있는 서진현입니다.
몸은 괜찮으신지 여쭙고자 쪽지 남깁니다.

여기 오시는 선생님들 대부분이 첫 몇 달을 힘들어 하셨습니다.
혹시 상담이 필요하시면 쪽지 남겨주십시오.

미술 외에 심리상담도 담당하고 있습니다.
같은 예능인이라 고초를 들어 드릴 수 있을 것 같습니다.
상담실본관 2 / 2층에 있습니다.