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"Welcome to the 4am Games website – “It’s about the gameplay”.
"At 4am we believe that the gameplay is just as important as the eye candy.
— Victor Jones, Head of Game Business at 4am

4AM Entertainment is a video game publisher company based in the United Kingdom, founded by Victor Jones, Emmanuel Jones and Nils Juergensen in October 2002. Nothing much is known about this company aside from the fact that they were going to publish the English version of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School back in 2004.[1][2]


Information as in 2004

4AM Had published 2 games, while White Day would have been the third project in 2004.[1] Their projects include:

  • CyberGroove
  • The Fate
  • White Day

Key personnel

Information as in 2004

  • Victor Jones – Head of Games Business – 15 years business to business marketing and development in a blue chip company
  • Rebecca Woolley – Business Development Manager - Six years Marketing and games experience, building key relationships
  • Neil Cotton – Public Relations Manager – 11 years PR, media relations and marketing for National blue chip organisations





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